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About Us

XP Business is an experienced international business development company. A team of experts supports and guides you through the challenging processes of building new business, markets and relation networks. We offer consultancy, business development and management support services. Our expertise is mainly focused in the real estate and leisure industry. Working with recognized and competent partners in each and every stage of the business development process. The XP business development network extends from multinational to start up, from government to key private individuals. Our combined knowledge, network and competences can be of benefit to almost all professional organizations working in the leisure and real estate business. Together with you we explore different roads to reach your goals.
Our vast experience, extensive network, simple, clear and unrivalled partner program can boost your business. With minimum investment, concrete business approach and extensive XP Business partner program. We take a bird eye vision of the business proposition and connect the dots. Together we create roadmaps and foundations for success. This is why we invest in our relation, your products and create partnerships instead of business relations.

We are part of your team. What we create, we create together. What we achieve, we achieve together.

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Our Promises

  • Xplore
  • Xpect
  • Xperience
  • Xpand
  • Finalization
With a birds eye vision we explore new roads to build foundations and create new business. Our XP business partner program offers you the foundations, feedback and roadmaps to explore total new markets and combined market approach. This hands you the tools, network and guidelines to operate effective and successful in unexplored territory.
With the right tools, approach and guidelines you may expect results. This is why we conduct a market scan, create a plan and draw a roadmap. Our XP business partner program connect the dots. A strategic and combined market approach shows you the shortest and most effective way to build new business. We did it before, we will do it again.
Our vast network, extensive international experience and realized business results are the foundation of your future business. Our combined experience, entrepreneurship and partner network form the building blocks for success. Our XP business partner program offers you years of market experience. The leisure and real estate markets we approach offer little secrets to the experienced XP business team.
A birds eye vision, secured with a strategic plan, backed up by the right tools, partners and network should be a guarantee to expand business. Our XP business partner program just aims to do that. Expanding business is about combined passion, combined knowledge and combined competences. We have the competence to build your business. We are part of your team. What we create, we create together. What we achieve, we achieve together.
To finalize your business you need a clear vision, a strategic plan, combined competences, sufficient resources and a well-defined goal. Our XP business partner program just offers that. XP business has an extensive network of partners. From investors, developers, business planners, financial & legal advisers to technical engineers. Finalization of business is much more than a good product. Together we face your challenges, build your network and extend your chances. XP business can boost your business.

Our Team

Hans Vogels

Hans Vogels

Founder & Partner
+31 (0)6 25 01 11 01
Jeroen Delmée

Jeroen Delmée

Founder & Partner
+31 (0)6 51 032 944
Jan-Wim Vogels

Jan-Wim Vogels

Senior Account Manager
+31 (0)6 44 19 49 40
Raf Vogels

Raf Vogels

Account Manager
+31 (0)6 22 35 99 60

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