Our services

XP provides business development in nice markets. Our typical clients have unique products in specific markets. Our XP Business Birds Eye Vision and market approach gives much of our clients a broader perspective of the opportunities. As we take a step back from the product, daily processes and organization, we are able to listen, detect and evaluate the questions and demands from the market in a more neutral way. In most cases we are able to detect and create additional markets, connections, resources and structures that can help to fund and boost your business.

XP business explores and generally finds new business trails and connections to build different or additional business, business models and value chains.

Hans Vogels has years of experience as an entrepreneur in the smart technology and international stadium business. Jeroen Delmée has years of experience as an entrepreneur and consultant in international leisure market. Backed up by a vast network of partners, investors and business relations, XP business is capable of realizing profitable and realistic business propositions and an significant increase in sales volume, clientele and opportunities. Your organization can benefit from our united experience, our success stories and from the trails and errors made in the past. This experience helps to reach the goals, within set time schedule, budget and structure.

Our partners

Together with our partners we have built the XP business foundation for success. The birds eye vision approach, joined expertise, created XP business partner network, strategic planning capacity and financial backing give us the opportunity to develop and built unrivalled business opportunities. Our partners and partner network is one of our main assets. Combining the expertise and individual competences of all our partners give a huge benefit to all involved. The XP business team initiates, coordinates and executes the different stages to create more and successful business opportunities. A complex and demanding process.

XP business has the right partners, network and experience to back up the most demanding business propositions. Together with our well respected and renown partners we are ready to support you in achieving your goals.

Our team, our partners. Your project.

Our passion and ambition: Boost your business!