Real Estate

Our services

XP business provides flexible real estate solutions. Under the FRESH label we produce, sell and service innovative new housing and real estate projects. Our portfolio start from high quality , stand alone 16 sqm - student room to complete 5-star 6.000 sqm - turn key modular hotel or healthcare solution. As the real estate market is redefining itself, XP business offers high quality flexible real estate solutions for almost any market demand. Students, labour migrants, singles, families, seniors to complete office, health care and hotel facilities. Using the most advanced production lines and partners in EU and the USA.

XP business is aiming to be a key player in offering quality comfortable, durable and flexible living and working spaces in almost any environment. Offering governments, cooperation’s, companies , investors, developers and owners unrivalled opportunities. We want to be a partner to all stake holders in the real estate market. Creating a vision and projects which help to solve the challenges arisen. With clever, fitting, contemporary, durable and flexible solutions. The new way of living, the new way of building, the new way of taking care for our world and its resources. XP business helps and provides you with finding the right proposition for your individual needs.

Hans Vogels has more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the real estate market. Jeroen Delmée has years of experience as an entrepreneur and consultant in international leisure and real estate market. Backed up by a vast network of partners, investors and business relations, XP business is capable to bring high quality innovative houses, buildings and building processes to the market. Adapting to an ever growing demand of affordable housing, living and working spaces. Cooperation with competent and leading partners in the real estate industry, gives XP business the opportunity to provide the right solution, at the right location, at the right time in the right price / quality perspective.

In the current overheated market a comfortable idea. We look forward to cooperate and build together.

Our partners

The XP business flexible real estate partner network is impressive. We work with renown, competent prefab, mobile and modular building companies. Their skills combined with the market demands and potential generated by the XP business professionals results in unique, high quality solutions in this new and fast evolving market place. Durability, quality and comfort demands are matched with innovative circular and planet friendly housing and building solutions. Off Grid living, tiny houses, energy & CO neutral prefab modular building are the new standards within the building industry. XP business searches for the right partners and solutions in each individual segment and project.

XP business has managed to partner up with a number of relevant providers. This to give way and cope with the challenges of the fast chancing way we want to live and work together. We are proud of our partners, their vision and the products and solutions we can offer. Not only the houses and facilities but also the supporting infrastructure, water and energy resources are used, buffered and build in an responsible and efficient way. Creating a home for now and building a future together.

Our passion and ambition: Creating impact without a footprint!